Cassandra Bouvia- Spray Tanning Issues

In this episode, I talk about 5 common issues that can occur with a spray tan and I give tips and tricks on how to avoid or fix them.

Unfortunately, some things are out of our control when it comes to getting a spray tan. However, most of these issues can be avoided with proper prep care and post care. 

I hope this episode (with my daughter) is helpful and you're able to enjoy your spray tan!

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Alligator skin

Alligator skin- Cassandra Bouvia

This is the most common complication when it comes to spray tanning.
It happens because of dry skin which is why it’s so important to be diligent with your skin prep.
Days leading up to your appt…drink lots of water and moisturize daily or even twice a day. 

The night before, shower (shave & EXFOLIATE).
On the day of your appointment, have bare skin.
I always use barrier cream, ph balancing spray and NOW a post-hydrating spray!

All of these steps help ensure a Flawless and Even Tan!


Spray Tan Streaking-Cassandra Bouvia

The possibility of this happening to you increases if you sweat excessively, are exposed to some form of liquid touching your skin, or fail to limit skin to skin contact (usually within the folds of their arms, behind knees) etc.

Setting POWDER helps this. Some artists only put it in areas that tend to sweat (breasts, bootie, elbow creases & knees) but I put it all over your body.

Your Job

While your spray tan is processing...there can NOT be any sweat or liquid on your skin 
Avoid skin-to-skin contact (yours or someone else's)
1st rinse is only a rinse! Do NOT use soap DON’T even wash your hair because the soap rinsing off down your back can cause streaks
If you're going to process while you sleep, I highly recommend wearing dark loose pants and long-sleeve shirt

My Job

During the spray tan application, I'll apply some powder to some areas that can't help but touch or are known for sweating. 

After the spray tan application...


Eliminates Post-Tan Odor
Promotes Skin Hydration
Seals Spray Tan During + After Development
Can Be Used As Daily Moisturizer/Deodorant
Light, Fresh Citrus Scent
Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Gluten-Free, and Cruelty-Free | Contains Eco Certified DHA

After the post hydration spray...


Skin instantly feels dry & silky soft
Protects tan as it develops
Hydrates skin to extend tan
Clothes & sheets stay clean
All Natural & hypoallergenic
Talc, paraben, nut & cruelty free



One of the most favorite things I love about the solution line I use is how natural and even-fading it is!

But uneven fading happens when the skin exfoliates at different rates.

Excessive sweating, excessive rubbing, lack of exfoliation, products on the skin prior to tanning (which creates a barrier) and too dark of a solution being applied to your skin can all contribute to the tan fading unevenly.

Steps to Avoid This!

Shave 12-18 hours prior to your tan
Waxing or sugaring should be done 24-48 hours prior to your spray tan
Avoid sweating as much as possible (rubbing of your clothes: sports bras, tight shorts etc.) may cause your skin to exfoliate faster
Pat dry instead of rubbing dry when you get out of the shower, baths, pools etc.
It’s my job to make the best recommendation of what solution should be used based on your skin type & tone and I’ve had training to do this! So I’ll give you my recommendation.
Moisturize daily or even twice a day. You can even use a tan extender that contains DHA which helps this problem tremendously.


ORANGE SKIN- Cassandra Bouvia

This happens with the wrong % of DHA for your skin type and/or tone is applied.

 Not everyone can handle 12+ % of DHA. My fair girls…you're going to want a light to medium tan. 

This can also occur if your skin is over-saturated.

Sometimes I’ll recommend going lighter the first time around to see how your skin handles the solution or even play around with mixing solutions. 

No Color ?!?

No color on skin- cassandra bouvia

This is rare but can happen. In one episode, I mentioned that this can happen due to hormones but it can also happen by barriers on the skin like lotion, oil, make-up, deodorant, etc.
Even residue from the shower on the skin like shampoo, condition, and soap can cause discoloring.

I recommend showering at least 6+ hours before your spray tan appt.

Have bare skin prior to your appointment. If you're unable to or forget...don't worry! I have make-up removing wipes on hand to get rid of make-up & deodorant

In Closing

I hope this episode has added value to you.

Spray tans are a great alternative to UV rays and they can give you a nice confidence boost. I'd love to hear why you like to get spray tans or use a sunless tanner- comment below to let us know! 

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