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In this episode, In this episode, I talk about spray tanning dry or oily skin as well as how PH levels play a role in how our tans take DHA (active ingredient in sunless solutions

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PH Levels

Our skin is naturally around 4.5-5.5 PH level but the ideal PH level to absorb DHA which is what provides that beautiful spray tan is 5-6!

Sometimes, the products you use at home can affect the PH of your skin, too. Some products make your skin more acidic, leading to inflammatory conditions like eczema and acne.
If you’re too Alkaline, it can lead to dry, flaky, red, irritated skin.

Using a PH Balancing spray will balance your skin by bringing it to a 5-6 PH.

PH Balancing Prep Spray Will:



If you have dry skin, then check out my recommendations for you to do prior to your spray tan application.

Moisturize daily up until the day of your spray tan (I recommend using lotions or creams that have natural ingredients or are for sensitive skin)
Drink lots of water so your skin stays hydrated
I recommend showering the night before your spray tan or at least 6 hours prior to your appt..
If you’re unable and can only shower right before then don’t use too much product during your shower as it can affect the PH levels in your skin and can negatively affect your tan.
Exfoliate with a non-oil-based scrub and an exfoliating glove or rough cloth
I like to use an exfoliating mitt & sometimes a soft bristle brush then shave
shave/wax at 12-18 hours before your appt
Come to appt with bare skin; no lotion, deodorant, oils, make-up, etc.
Bring loose, dark clothing & sandals for afterward

What I do during your spray tan for DRY skin

Barrier Cream
Put a small amount of lotion on drier skin such as hands, elbows, knees & ankles which will help them from becoming too dark.
I also like to use it as a blending cream for your wrists and ankles.

PH Balancing Spray
Regardless of dry skin or not I’ll lightly spray and dry 1 coat of ph balancing spray
If you have excessively dry skin then I’ll do 2 coats and rub it in with a towel

The active ingredient is DHA (which has drying effects) so the higher the DHA% increases the level of dryness. However, I’ve specifically chosen a premium brand of solution that has natural nourishing ingredients that are aloe-based so it doesn’t dry up the skin even more.

One of my favorite ingredients is Hyaluronic Acid it pulls water from both the air and the deeper layers of skin into the stratum corneum to add moisture.

As a spray tan artist, I've been trained on choosing the best solution/color (which is technically based on the percentage of DHA in the solution) for your specific skin type and conditions. I’ll make my recommendation based on these things but it’ll ultimately be your choice.

Setting Powder

I use an AMAZING finishing or setting powder after the spray tan application and these are the benefits:

No sticky spray tan
Skin feels dry & silky soft afterwards
Helps protect tan as it develops
Hydrates skin to extend the tan
Clothes & sheets stay clean
We can spray any time of the day
All natural & hypoallergenic
Talc, paraben, nut & cruelty-free

Aftercare recommendations for Dry Skin

Keep Moisturized
Drink water to stay hydrated
Don’t exfoliate skin (meaning no loofahs nor abrasive products on the skin)
Stay away from oil-based products
Always pat dry when getting out of the pool or shower etc.
Wear oil-free sunblock and apply approximately 20 minutes before going into the pool, ocean or jacuzzi to help protect the tan as best as possible.


Stay away from Dove soaps and products and other abrasive products that contain harsh chemicals that can take off the tan. 

Use conditioner on the skin when shaving as well as shave lightly.

Oily Skin

If you have excessively oily skin (which I haven’t personally ran into anyone yet) then your skin/body can be more resistant to spray tanning as it forms a barrier.

It’s best that we use two coats of the PH balancing prep spray and rub it in with a towel to help remove any excess oil or residue so the tan can adhere to your skin.

Sometimes the solution may appear like it is “sitting” on the surface of the skin and not properly absorbing. It may look a little speckle and the initial results may appear rough, but rest assured it will smooth itself after showering.

In Closing

I hope this episode has added value to you.

Hopefully, I shared some information that you might not have known and have encouraged you to use my recommendations for skin prep and after-care for dry or oily skin. If so, you'll end up with a flawless spray tan! 

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