How to Whiten Your Teeth In 20 Minutes- Cassandra Bouvia

In this episode, I talk about the science behind the SunnaSmile SuperGel whitening system, how the system works, and why I love their products & systems!

Take A Look Into My Home Studio

I recorded this episode in my home studio and show my studio light, mobile light, the massaging chair, and open up a SuperGel Whitening Kit to reveal what's inside! Check out the video below!!!

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SunnaSmile Works In 2 Parts:

SunnaSmile- LED Light Technology 

Blue LED Light- the gel absorbs the blue light which photochemically excites the peroxide molecules into breaking them down faster
This reaction of the blue LED light and formula penetrate tooth enamel which results in breaking down stains into smaller particles.
This does NOT cause any harm or damage to the enamel
The Red LED light omits a wavelength that stimulates cellular energy which leads to healing any small cuts or abrasions in the mouth

SunnaSmile- Whitening Gel Formula

Teeth are porous- meaning they have tiny little pores just like your skin. Therefore, they absorb everything you eat or drink.
There are a variety of factors that contribute to teeth staining. 

Together, the blue & red LED light and gel formula creates a process that whitens & heals the mouth

SunnaSmile Ingredients

SuperGel was designed to maximize whitening & eliminate contraindications.
SunnaSmile was the first to combine to hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, and xylitol.

These formulae ingredients increase whitening, reduce sensitivity, remineralize teeth and oral tissue. 

Calcium lactate- remineralizes teeth (not derived from milk products and does not contain lactose)
Potassium citrate- reduces sensitivity by adding alkaline to the mouth
Aloe- heals & soothes irritation
Neem- antibacterial & anti-fungal oil which provides gum healing and prevents plaque
Zinc- aids in preventing plaque buildup and inhibits acid from forming and causing tooth decay
Hydrogen peroxide- most common whitening agent- used for bleaching, oxidation & disinfecting and relieves minor inflammation of the gums and oral surfaces such as canker sores & dental irritation
Carbamide peroxide- turns hydrogen peroxide into a stable compound
Xylitol - stimulates saliva production in the mouth, it neutralizes the peroxide while you're receiving the treatment, by making sure your mouth stays hydrated, the system does not cause sensitivity as your teeth do NOT become dehydrated during the process. Xylitol is also a plaque-reducing agent which aids in maintaining healthy teeth.

Why SunnaSmile?

SUNNASMILE was the FIRST company to have a pre-filled whitening tray with lip protector
Combined & created a carbamide & hydrogen peroxide formulation
Had the first GEL to incorporate xylitol (a tooth-friendly sweetener into a whitening gel)
First tabletop whitening light package for mobile services! 
Have a licensed whitening gel
First company to have a light-activated home treatment for aftercare
First whitening system to receive and NPN (natural product number)


SunnaSmile Teeth Whitening System

Natural Ingredients 
Removes Plaque
Fights Bacteria & Gingivitis 
Enamel Safe 
Removes Stains 
Remineralizes Teeth 
Tooth Friendly Xylitol 
100% Satisfaction Guarantee  
SunnaSmile-Cassandra Bouvia

The super gel kit has a higher percentage of the whitening agents than the home kit. The super gel is formulated strong enough to remove stains but not too strong to cause sensitivity.


Advanced Home Kit
Whitening Mouth Wash
Smile Prep
SunnaSmile At Home Kit

In Closing

I hope this episode has added value to you.

Hopefully, I shared some information that you might not have known and have encouraged you to improve or maintain your oral health!  

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