Our Studio

Home Studio Comfort

Our downstairs home studio envelops you in comfort and warmth, with meticulously curated details for a perfect aesthetic. Carefully chosen colors, textures, and finishes create a pleasing and relaxing atmosphere.

Lobby and Seating Area

Step into our lobby, designed for your enjoyment and relaxation with ambient lighting, soothing music, and stylish furnishings. It sets the stage for the luxurious journey ahead, inviting you to unwind and prepare for your radiant transformation.

Specialized Quarters

Our dedicated quarters ensure utmost comfort. From a designated teeth whitening area to private spaces for changing and an inviting spray tanning space, every detail is considered. Equipped with extraction fans, a heater, and exceptional lighting, our spray tanning quarter is tailored for your comfort and convenience.

Excellence Within Reach 

Why Choose Cassandra Bouvia LLC for Premium Services and Affordable Luxury


Why Cassandra Bouvia 

As a master certified spray tanning artist accredited by the industry's only internationally recognized training body, I bring a wealth of expertise to my craft. Certified as a teeth whitening technician with a background in occupational therapy, I've recently received training from celebrity industry leaders. With proper licensing and insurance, my passion lies in delivering exceptional artistry in spray tanning and ensuring a comfortable, safe teeth whitening experience. I utilize a system with natural ingredients and stand behind my services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your satisfaction and well-being are my top priorities.

Premium Radiance

We take pride in offering premium products that embody the highest quality and embrace natural ingredients. Our sunless tanning solutions come in three distinctive lines—clean, clear, and enhanced—with options for traditional or rapid rinse times. Experience an even fade, minimal to no processing odor, smooth and hydrated skin, and a natural-looking color that complements all skin tones. 

In teeth whitening, we stand out as the sole provider of a natural product number system, ensuring sensitivity-free treatments with immediate results, backed by our unwavering 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Your radiant transformation begins here, where quality meets excellence.

Affordable Brilliance

Indulge in affordable luxury, where our all-inclusive spray tan experience goes beyond expectations. From meticulously prepping your skin for the artistry to sealing the tan for flawless development, every detail is crafted for an ultimate glow. 

Our teeth whitening service takes it a step further, offering two consecutive sessions for the price of one, ensuring optimal results. Additionally, we provide options for aftercare maintenance, so you can enjoy the lasting brilliance of your radiant smile. 

Experience the epitome of luxury without compromising affordability.

"At Cassandra Bouiva LLC, we're not just providing services; we're creating a transformative experience. Step into a world where radiance meets artistry—your journey to a vibrant you begins here."

- Cassandra Bouvia, Founder

Beauty | Radiance | Confidence

Our services go beyond aesthetics; they're about confidence, rejuvenation, and celebrating your unique radiance.

Bronzer, Clear and Clean Solutions Options

Our exquisite range of spray tan solutions includes bronzing options, both traditional and rapid, along with clean and clear formulations. Crafted with the highest quality ingredients, our tanning solutions promise a seamless blend of elegance and sophistication, ensuring you achieve the glow you desire with every application.

Contouring Artistry
 HVLP & Airbrush

Using advanced techniques with HVLP and airbrush guns, or a harmonious combination of both, we enhance your natural features with precision. Our contouring expertise ensures a flawless finish, creating a radiant and smooth sculpted look that complements your unique beauty. 

Premier Teeth Whitening and Home-Kit Options

Our system is designed to provide immediate results, ensuring a brighter and more confident you. With a commitment to natural ingredients and a sensitivity-free process, we deliver a teeth-whitening experience that surpasses expectations. Say goodbye to stains and discoloration as we bring out the brilliance in your smile.

Confidence, Trust and Gratitude

Experience the Assurance of Professionalism and the Warmth of Appreciation

Fully Insured

Your peace of mind is our priority. We take pride in being fully insured and certified in both spray tanning and teeth whitening, providing you with the assurance that your experience with us is not only exceptional but also protected. Rest easy, knowing that our commitment to your safety and satisfaction is backed by comprehensive insurance coverage and certifications in the artistry of spray tanning and teeth whitening. 

Trustworthy & Friendly

We understand that undergoing a spray tan or teeth whitening treatment can make you feel vulnerable or apprehensive. Rest assured that our friendly and trustworthy approach ensures your comfort throughout the entire process. With us, you can feel at ease, knowing that your experience is guided by a caring and professional hand. Your comfort, confidence, and radiant results are our top priorities.


I am immensely grateful for the trust, loyalty, and support of my wonderful clients. Your confidence in my services is truly heartening, and I am honored to be a part of your beauty journey. It's a privilege to serve you, and I look forward to continuing to provide exceptional spray tans and teeth whitening experiences. Your ongoing support is the foundation of my business, and I am dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and radiance every step of the way. Thank you for choosing Cassandra Bouvia LLC .

Here's what our clients say about us!

Real reviews from some of our clients

Meagan H.- Knoxville

"I had the best experience! Cassandra was so welcoming! Makes you feel so comfortable and explains everything in great detail. You can tell she really has a passion for what she does. If you haven’t gotten a spray tan by her you are missing out!"

Leslie G.- Knoxville

"This was my very first spray tan and I couldn’t be More thrilled. Cassandra made me feel 100% comfortable and made the process relaxing and so enjoyable! If you are looking to give yourself an extra boost with a spray tan or teeth whitening, Cassandra is your girl!! Thank you for an awesome experience!"

Ainsley B. - Knoxville

"Cassandra was so welcoming and professional!! I’ve had a hard time finding a spray tan that works for me in Knoxville, and she outdid herself. She was super communicative and checked in to make sure everything looked great. Definitely will be coming back for my next event!"

Kelsey N. - Knoxville

"Best spray tan I’ve ever received. Her formula is flawless and her customer service is above and beyond. She always checks the next day to make sure everything is perfect. I cannot say enough great things about Cassandra and her business!"

Ashley H. - Knoxville

"My experience was so relaxing and easy. You wouldn’t think you could fall asleep while having your teeth whitened, but you would be wrong. Cassandra makes everything so comfortable. My smile is so much brighter now."

Kiera P. - Clinton

"As a dental hygienist I was interested in the sensitivity free teeth whitening session. Cassandra blew it out of the park. Her studio is clean, inviting, and relaxing to be in. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable about her services. My results were AMAZING. My teeth brightened 4 shades with ZERO sensitivity. 10/10 I would definitely recommend her.

Glowing Beauties

Spray Tanning Services 

Each Spray Tan is Inclusively Flawless- every detail is covered.

Enjoy Complimentary Refreshments!

Spray Tan

One time


30 minute session
Choose solution preference: (bronzer, clear, clean, 8-hour rinse, or rapid rinse)

Mini Glow-Up

One time


15 minute session
Half-body tan

Little Glows

One time


Spray tans tailored for ages 18 and under
Parents required for 16 and under

Package of 3

One time


Save $15
3 Spray tans

Spray Tan Party

One time


3 + hour time slot 
Pricing reflects a required minimum of 6 guests
$45 for each additional guest
Complimentary Cookie Platter
Complimentary water bottles 
Complimentary cutlery & dishes 
Feel free to bring  appetizers & beverages

Brilliant Smiles

Teeth Whitening Services

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Pain-Free, Sensitivity-Free, Natural Ingredients, Enamel Safe, Removes Stains, Removes Plaque, Fights Gingivitis & Bacteria, and Remineralizes Teeth


One time


1 Hour teeth whitening session: includes 2 back-to-back 20 minute sessions
Immediate results

Teeth Whitening + Touch-up

One time


1 Hour teeth whitening session: includes 2 back-to-back 20 minute session
30 minute touch-up session
Save SuperGel pen & bring to touch-up session


One time


Spray Tan + Teeth Whitening Session
Spray Tan: all-inclusive 
30 minute spray tan
1 Hour teeth whitening session: includes 2 back-to-back 20 minute sessions


North Knoxville
Stratford Park 

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